In July 2015, AES/AEI once again landed on the pages of the Society for American Military Engineers’ bi-monthly magazine, The Military Engineer, July-August 2015 edition.

Our third published article in the last 12 months, this most recent story is entitled “Gaining Public Trust” and features a time critical removal action performed by our Southwest Environmental operations group, at the Kingman Ground to Ground Gunnery Range Formerly Used Defense Site in Arizona. This newsworthy project received across-the-board exceptional ratings from the client. What’s more, the client offered many great comments including this one: “The contractor is customer service driven. The interaction between the contractor and the government is extraordinary. There has been no need for assumptions and/or questions concerning any aspect of the project…”

To read the article and learn more about this highly public and successful project, click on the document below.

Gaining Public Trust (PDF)