During the week of February 9 through 12, the annual Alaska Forum on the Environment took place at the Denaina Center in downtown Anchorage.

AES/AEI was well represented throughout the week. We had a table set up in the Exhibitor Hall. In addition, Andrew Weller, from our Fairbanks office, and Olga Stewart, from the Anchorage office gave a presentation on February 11 titled “Introduction to Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) and Applications at Contaminated Sites.” The presentation provided an overview of the concepts of isotopes and various analyses that utilize isotopes in science, including isotopic analysis of groundwater samples from contaminated sites. Two of our project sites were used as case studies to demonstrate how we used isotopes to determine whether contaminant compounds are degrading and if multiple sources were present. The use of CSIA at contaminated sites is relatively new and an emerging use of the science of isotopes. The presentation was both well attended and well received by the environmental community.

AFE Presentation