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AKARNG Federal Scout Armories Remediation Services

Alaska Army National Guard
Location: West and Northwest Alaska
Contract Value: $10.3 Million (four contracts)

Ahtna was awarded a three consecutive contracts by the Alaska Army National Guard (AKARNG) to perform removal actions of petroleum-contaminated soil from 12 Federal Scout Armories (FSA) located across northwest and western Alaska. To execute the work, Ahtna conducted initial site visits to inform our project planning process. We established communications and relationships with Tribal administrators and council members, determined if site structures had to be moved prior to excavation, and assessed the logistics required to transport soil and equipment. In addition, Ahtna worked with the regulatory agency, ADEC, to determine sampling methods best suited to site conditions.

Ahtna was confronted with multiple challenges while executing the work. All villages are remotely located and only accessible by plane and barge, are situated on swampland or in the tundra, and have limited infrastructure. In addition, Ahtna performed the work in close proximity to Tribal residences located as close as 50 ft from excavation areas. At one site, Ahtna also worked closely with the AKARNG and the local Hooper Bay community to incorporate concerns over the potential for encountering native cultural resources. We attended numerous meetings prior to and during field remediation operations, to participate in planning, logistics, staff awareness/training to maximize coordination between the archaeological monitoring plan and NAGPRA Plan of Action with our remediation efforts.

Despite these challenges, Ahtna completed all work ahead of schedule and within budget, and achieved all performance goals to client satisfaction. We achieved Cleanup Complete with no Institutional Controls at all sites in support of site closure. After completion of our second contract, the project received the NGB 2009 Installation Environmental Restoration Award.  After completion of our third contract, we were selected for the US Army’s “Pilot Project Green and Sustainable Remediation Evaluation” as a result of our performance.

Ahtna is currently executing our fourth FSA Remediation Services contract valued at $3.7 million involving seven FSAs in western Alaska.


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Services Provided:

  • Chemical Data Review
  • Decision Documents
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Remedial Design
  • Removal, T&D of Contaminated Soil