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SSA Folder Service Operations, Pennsylvania

Social Security Administration
Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA
Contract Value: $9,603,700

As prime contractor, Ahtna self-performed the management of over 3 million records, and up to 30 personnel at this site, which stored active disability, retirement and international claims folders. Our scope of work included folder retrieval and refile, material and paper dropfile, routine files maintenance including box maintenance and files expansion and special folder searches, as well as folder destruction services (including folder retrieval as indicated and arranging and witnessing the subsequent physical folder destruction). Claim folders are filed in a terminal digit sequence in individual boxes.  Folders are controlled by using the SSA’s computerized tracking system requiring basic level data entry. The system is the primary source of the SSA’s inventory and management information.

Ahtna received a contract modification to manage the merge this site’s records into the National Records Center in Independence, Missouri, requiring the recruitment of up to 50 additional employees. Ahtna successfully began this consolidation and was ahead of schedule, with several records shipments made to the NRC facility conducted weekly. However, severe heavy rains hit the Wilkes-Barre area and the facility was evacuated. The subsequent flooding of the facility resulted in a stop-work order. Upon inspection, and due to the environmental hazards contained in the facility from the flood damage, the SSA cancelled the contract, destroyed all items, and closed the facility.

Ahtna performed these tasks with a 99% accuracy rate.

Services Provided:

  • Contract management
  • Contract transition retention rate
  • Documented background checks/security clearances
  • Federal records center service management
  • Freedom of Information Act requirements
  • Quality Control (99% accuracy rate)
  • Records consolidation