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SSA National Records Center Records Management, Missouri

Social Security Administration
Location: Independence, MO
Contract Value: $94,580,081 to date

Ahtna has self-performed records management at the National Records Center (NRC) continuously since 2007, since an initial award that ran from 2001–2004.  The NRC is the largest storage facility for paper SSA folders in the U.S., and has housed up to 31 million records. The current inventory of records is 11 million, stored in 1.44 million standard National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) boxes. The main function of the facility is to store, send, and receive paper folders to over 1,100 SSA field offices and hearing facilities. We have staffed the site annually with 150-190 personnel.

Ahtna performs refiling, dropping, recalling, destruction, validation, recordation, merging, and sequencing of SSA files. We handle 20,000-25,000 items per day on average. We receive folders and papers from shippers, unpack the material, sort it and place the material in appropriate boxes/locations throughout the 550,000 sf facility. We place the boxes on shelves stacked seven high on two levels using a catwalk system.

Processing includes recording folders into a case control system with keying or wanding of a bar code, retrieving and shipping folders daily and filing paper within individual folders. Ahtna also validates existing folder locations reads in the SSA case control system, folder/box compaction and maintenance, and pulling and shipping folders eligible for destruction. Most workloads have set timeframes for completion of 1-3 days. We use several computer systems/software to control the inventory. Ahtna also performs scanning of paper materials and forwarding of electronic files to Veteran’s Administration offices.  To facilitate our work, we also use pallet jacks, forklifts, and streamliners.

  • Awarded 20 contract mods to complete a total of $52 million in special projects as a result of our outstanding performance
  • Successfully completed transition of incumbent workforce in two days with minimal disruption to ongoing work and trauma to personnel and in compliance with all contract and security requirements; achieved positive and cooperative working relations with the SSA
  • Maintained a consistent 99% records management accuracy rate, ensuring compliance with the contract objectives, as a result of our full time onsite Quality Control Manager


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Services Provided:

  • Contract management
  • Contract transition retention rate
  • Documented background checks/security clearances
  • Federal records center service management
  • Freedom of Information Act requirements
  • Full-time Project Manager, alternate Project Manager, and Quality Control Manager
  • Union negotiations and management