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USACE Time Critical Removal Action at Kingman GTG Gunnery Range FUDS

US Army Corps of Engineers
Location: MRS-03 15 Skeet Ranges, Kingman Ground to Ground Gunnery Range FUDS
Contract Value: $5,782,827

Ahtna completed a performance-based time-critical removal action (TCRA) of contaminated soil within MRS03 – 15 Skeet Ranges at Kingman Ground-to-Ground (GTG) Gunnery Range in Kingman, Arizona. Kingman GTG is a Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) being investigated and cleaned up by the USACE Los Angeles District. The primary concern in the 7-acre project footprint, which is largely residential, was the abundance of scattered clay pigeon debris, high concentrations of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in the soil, and the potential for lead (from shotgun projectiles) to remain in the surface soil.

Ahtna’s scope of work included preparing project planning documents including parcel-specific work plans; performing site research and interviews; assisting USACE with temporary resident relocations; demolition of selected structures to facilitate excavation; coordinating and implementing the contaminated soil removal actions at 45 residential sites; manifesting, transportation, and disposal of contaminated soil; site restoration; regulatory agency interaction.

In addition to program-level plans, we prepared 45 parcel-specific work plans based on aerial photograph review; interviews with property owners; site inspections performed with each property owner/manager; and review of county and city records. Upon completion of removal actions, we produced 45 separate parcel completion reports, each documenting all activities associated with each property.

Ahtna addressed multiple challenges performing work on each parcel. We varied the size of equipment based on clearances to be able to maneuver around site structures and small spaces, used numerous spotters as well as barricades/flagging where appropriate. We coordinated with local utility companies, dig alert services, and the project utility locating contractor to address underground and overhead utilities. We maintained lateral and vertical control of the excavations using laser levels, as well as manual measurements. Following soil removal to a depth of 2 ft bgs, and prior to placing clean fill, Ahtna collected confirmation samples using systematic random incremental sampling techniques. We transported approximately 23,500 tons (approx. 1,000 truckloads) of soil under non-hazardous special waste manifest to the La Paz County Landfill for final disposition. We backfilled each site using local, pre-approved clean fill that was placed in several lifts, graded, and shaped to original conditions, and to promote positive drainage.

We successfully completed this project on time, on budget, and with no safety incidents. We were commended by multiple property owners for our professionalism and received across-the-board Exceptional performance ratings from the client.



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Services Provided:

  • Community relations
  • Demolition
  • Removal action