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Ahtna has developed an annual half-day Behavior Based Safety workshop designed to raise employee’s safety awareness, modify behavior, improve safety leadership skills, and create a proactive and positive culture of safety, both at work and at home.

Behavior Based Safety is not a “compliance course”, but rather a holistic values-based re-introduction to the concepts of family and personal safety, every minute of the day.

The workshop is attended annually by all Ahtna personnel and has been instrumental in the continued improvement of our California EMR of 0.52, — almost half the industry average, and the companywide EMR of 0.63.


Course objectives:

  • Set a good safe example to everyone
  • Be approachable and open to change
  • Speak up when something is unsafe
  • Awareness of safe behaviors
  • Heighten our awareness of risks we take each day
  • Making safety a value
  • Building permission to take care of each other
  • Causes of accidents/incidents
  • Proactively preventing accidents/incidents
  • Understand the role of behaviors in influencing safety

Selected Behavior Based Safety Training Experience

  • Port Isabel Detention Center—Los Fresnos, Texas
  • Social Security Administration National Record Center—Independence, Missouri
  • Social Security Administration Megasite—Baltimore, Maryland
  • MCAS Beaufort Marine Corp Air Station—Beaufort, South Carolina
  • Mather VA Hospital—Mather, California

Here is what some of our trainees have said about the course:

  • “It really puts life & work into perspective! I realize how important it is to be safe & to make it back home to my loved ones. Especially in our line of duty!”
  • “I am very excited about it and is something that we should exercise at home as well as at work.”
  • “I am going to share the same knowledge that I learned and encourage commitments to ensure personal safety.”
  • “Excellent in approaching to us with knowledge, good values, ethics and the most important being human.”
  • “It is an eye opener. I mean you know these things already right, but when someone else tells you and the way they presented it was pretty cool and makes you think twice about the decisions we make and how one simple detail can affect your life or the life of others. Very AWESOME!”